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Wrongful Death Attorney in Austin, TX

The death of a loved one can be a catastrophic event. If a loved one’s death is unprecedented, questions will arise. Some may be impossible to answer, but the family should remember that they have legal rights. The costs accumulated from a family member’s death can add up quickly. From the cost of a service, to burial, along with potential medical expenses, loss of income, and even the loss of companionship, the family should know they have rights as the deceased’s relatives. Although nothing can be done to reverse this loss of a loved one, our local staff is here to help the family get what is deserved.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

We at Campos Law group sympathize with your situation. We know how difficult and daunting it can be dealing with the legal system, especially after such a tragic incident. In order to receive a wrongful death verdict, negligence or intentional wrong-doing leading to the death of your loved one must be proven. Examples of this include drunk driving and distracted driving, in which both cases the driver chose to act negligently. If you are seeking an attorney for a wrongful death claim, gather all pertinent information dealing with the accident leading to the death and any information you’ve gathered after the unfortunate death of your loved one.

Contacting a Lawyer

The first step in taking legal action is to contact a lawyer or law firm. It can be stressful finding the right people to help you in a time of need, but we hope you know you are valued and understood by our team of lawyers. Below, you’ll find a form to quickly and painlessly contact our staff about your case. You deserve individual and conscientious attention. Your case deserves comprehensive research and legal resources that only Campos Law Group can provide. For a free case evaluation, call us at 512-650-1000 or fill out the form below. You will not have to pay anything until your case has been won.